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At Tankeros we design, manufacture and assemble tanks for fire protection systems, drinking water, wastewater, process water, agricultural and livestock water, rainwater and other generic uses.


Fire fighting tanks

PCI fire water storage tanks

The fire fighting watertanks are a key element in fire prevention and control systems. These tanks, with minimal maintenance, represent an essential guarantee by offering the capacity to hold thousands of liters of water, an effective measure to extinguish fires that could threaten the safety of structures and their occupants.

At Tankeros, we stand out for the installation of fire tanks, ensuring strict compliance with the highest quality standards. This initiative not only provides an effective safeguard against potential catastrophes, but also safeguards interests by preventing damage to facilities or warehouses.

In a scenario where Spain leads the European statistics in the incidence of fires, along with Portugal and Poland, the presence of water reservoirs stands as an immediate resource to address this critical problem. In addition, current regulations establish the obligation to have fire protection installations in production centers that handle flammable or combustible liquids. Our comprehensive design, fabrication and installation services for these PCI tanks meet the most stringent legal requirements, providing companies and industries with the required safety, compliance and peace of mind.

Water tanks for seismic zones

Deposits for seismic zones

At Tankeros we offer a solution for water tanks for seismic zones with anti-seismic anchorage for frequencies of 250 years and 50 years, both types of fire water tanks for seismic zones are certified by Factory Mutual.


Wastewater tanks

Wastewater treatment system

In a global context where scarcity of water resources represents a growing challenge, efficient wastewater management emerges as a critical component to ensure the sustainability and continued availability of water. The growing demand for water for domestic, agricultural and industrial uses, combined with factors such as climate change, has exacerbated pressure on available water resources. That is why Tankeros has dedicated resources and time to the design and manufacture of these tanks for waste water.

An adequate wastewater treatment system plays a fundamental role in this scenario, as it contributes directly to the conservation and preservation of water resources. By recycling and treating wastewater, the burden on limited freshwater sources is reduced, while minimizing the risk of contamination and protecting public health.

In addition, wastewater treatment involves not only the removal of pollutants, but also the recovery of valuable resources such as nutrients and energy. This comprehensive approach not only addresses water scarcity, but also promotes the circular economy and environmental sustainability.

For this reason, Tankeros manufactures wastewater tanks designed for efficient treatment, marking our commitment to the responsible conservation of water resources.

Industrial tanks for process water

Process water tanks

At Tankeros, we are distinguished by our experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of industrial tanks for process water mainly for the food sector, however, we are dedicating a lot of resources and time to offer this solution to industries belonging to a wide variety of sectors.

Depósito agua potable

Drinking water tanks

Drinking Water Storage Tanks

The installation of drinking water tanks in various areas is presented as an integral solution in terms of health and supply for various populations. The geographical characteristics, the particular climatic conditions of each territory and the frequent existence of complex supply situations in these regions are fundamental arguments for the implementation of drinking water storage reservoirs.

Likewise, the installation of this type of drinking water storage tanks in industrial environments contributes significantly to the assurance of supply for human consumption in habitats characterized by recurring water supply challenges.

Water tanks for irrigation

Tanks for agricultural and livestock use

We also offer watertanks water as well as tanks for the storage of water for agricultural and livestock use in order to meet the needs of these sectors in terms of water reserves.

Tanques de Agua para uso Agrario
Deposito pluviales


Rainwater tanks

In response to the growing scarcity of water, Tankeros offers the following services rainwater tanks designed to efficiently collect and store water from the roofs of warehouses and other buildings. We actively contribute to the optimization of water consumption, recognizing the critical importance of conserving this vital resource. Our rainwater tank systems not only offer a sustainable solution for water management, but also represent an essential measure in response to the impending shortages predicted in the coming decades.

In addition, our tanks for the storage of rainwater and other generic uses are versatile solutions for water storage, adapted to a wide variety of uses according to the specific needs of our customers.

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