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Types of deposits


We manufacture different types of tanks using 4 types of steel:

  • Black steel suitable for subsequent hot-dip galvanizing.
  • Magnelis, a type of metallic coating developed by ArcelorMittal, one of the world's largest steel companies. This coating is mainly used to protect steel against corrosion and to provide increased durability.
  • Stainless steel quality AISI 304, 2B, i.e. cold rolled and bright finish.
  • Stainless steel quality AISI 316, 2B, i.e. cold rolled and bright finish.


Among the types of water tanks we offer, we offer two types of anchoring solutions, for geographic zones without anti-seismic requirements and for geographic zones with anti-seismic requirements, for both 250-year and 50-year seismicity frequencies.

Anclado normal
Anclado sísmico


Regarding the covers for the types of water tanks we offer, there are two options: flat cover or conical cover. The conical cover is used in those applications where it is necessary for the tank to be airtight.

Tipos de depósitos modulares
Cubierta cónica


The watertightness of our tank types is guaranteed by two methods, application of Mastik, an industrial glue specifically designed for this application, or by a membrane, which consists of an inner PVC bag made to measure for each tank.


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