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Although we are leaders in the design, manufacture and assembly of fire water tanks, we also offer a wide range of tanks for other types of applications, such as wastewater, process water, rainwater and drinking water, among others.

We offer a wide variety of tanks depending on the application and use to be given to it. For this purpose, we use different types of steel for the envelope, different anchoring options, different types of roofing and, finally, two sealing options.

At Tankeros we offer a wide range of capacities and dimensions for our tanks. We offer a range of capacities from 7 to 4,000m3, and dimensions varying from 3 to 30.5m in diameter, and 1.25 to 12m in height.

In Tankeros, we offer a wide variety of connections and accessories, one of our main objectives is to be flexible in order to adapt to the individual needs of each customer in each project as much as possible.

We strive to keep abreast of the latest developments in steel, coatings and other materials of interest. We also dedicate great efforts to maintain the certifications we already have and acquire those that can add value to our customers.

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