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Measurements and capacities

The modular metal water tank represents a highly beneficial solution as it ensures the integrity of the water properties and prevents contamination because the metal casing acts as a protective barrier against bacteria and ultraviolet rays.

In addition, these metal tanks meet stringent manufacturing and installation standards, ensuring optimum performance for their intended purpose. These are metal tanks assembled by bolts, supplied with the necessary connections and accessories for each installation, complying with the measurements, quality standards and regulations requested by the customer.

The capacity and dimensions of water tanks in Tankeros range from 7 to 4,000m3, with dimensions varying from 3m to 30.5m in diameter, and heights ranging from 1.25m to 12m.

In order to meet the capacity needs in limited spaces, we offer the possibility of building multiple cylindrical water tanks, aligned or grouped, connected to each other.

These cylindrical tanks are manufactured using 2.5 m long by 1.25 m wide steel plates, which are precisely overlapped. These plates are punched all around the perimeter, eliminating the need for subsequent machining. The assembly is carried out with special round head bolts on the inside and nuts on the outside, guaranteeing an effective and efficient process.

This flexible manufacturing and assembly method allows us to offer a wide range of water tank sizes as shown below.

The model of each tank is identified by a four-digit number, the first two corresponding to the number of plates in circumference and the last two to the number of ferrules and half ferrules in height.

  • 0835: eight plates in circumference and three and a half ferrules in height.
  • 1205: twelve plates in circumference and five ferrules in height.

Several models are available for the required capacity.


For 365 m3 we will be able to choose between the models:

  • 2002: twenty sheets in circumference / two ferrules / 363 m3
  • 1825: eighteen plates in circumference / two and a half ferrules / 374 m3
  • 1603: sixteen circumferential plates / three ferrules / 371 m3
  • 1345: thirteen plates in circumference / four and a half ferrules / 378 m3
  • 1205: twelve plates in circumference / five ferrules / 365m3
  • 1106: eleven sheets in circumference / six ferrules / 372m3
  • 1007: ten plates in circumference / seven ferrules / 362m3
  • 0985: nine plates in circumference / eight and a half ferrules / 357m3

The material and therefore the price is optimized in the most proportionate models in diameter and height.


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