Our general principles

TANKEROS, S.L. develops its activity as a manufacturer, supplier and installer of water storage tanks for different uses, such as fire protection installations, drinking water, waste water, process water, for agricultural use, and for other water uses compatible with our products.

TANKEROS, through its Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Management System, and a focus on Sustainability and Continuous Improvement, establishes the necessary channel to guarantee its results.

The general principles of our Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety policy are:


1. Customer focus:

It is a basic principle and purpose of TANKEROS to satisfy the needs of our customers by meeting their requirements, as well as to improve our efficiency in order to exceed their expectations.

2. Process approach and risk management:

It is a principle of TANKEROS to manage its activities through the implementation of a management system based on process management and its associated risks. It is company policy to transform risks into opportunities.

3. Stakeholder focus:

It is TANKEROS' principle to satisfy the needs of our stakeholders by meeting their requirements, including regulatory requirements, and to improve our effectiveness in order to exceed their expectations.

4. Self-control and self-responsibility:

Each person, area or department of the company is responsible for his or her own work and for its quality.

5. Teamwork and Leadership:

The satisfaction of our customers' expectations requires a continuous and daily challenge, and the development of a capacity for observation that are only viable and encouraging when carried out as a team and with a spirit of mutual collaboration in which the Senior Management and other Leaders of the Organization must represent the unifying axis and create the conditions in which all personnel are involved in the achievement of the objectives of quality, health and safety at work and the environment, relying on the consultation and participation of workers as a basis for its achievement.

6. Learning, experience, continuous improvement and resources:

The work within the organization itself, the relationship with our customers and suppliers must be a source of learning, experience and continuous improvement.

TANKEROS will make available the necessary resources and tools to achieve the objectives, as well as to promote continuous training, awareness, participation, motivation and assurance of the competence of the staff that is part of the organization.

All workers will be informed and trained on the processes of the Integrated Management System, which are applicable to their work within the company, the risks inherent to their work and the measures to be adopted for their correct prevention and continuous improvement.

7. Comply with legislation and regulations

applicable to the activities and services, and other requirements that the company subscribes voluntarily or contractually with other organizations, both in terms of the environment and occupational health and safety, as well as characteristics related to the production process.

8. Commitment to prevention, reduction and/or elimination:

Of the various types of current
current and future environmental pollution
and future environmental pollution, within the framework of a continuous improvement of environmental performance and according to the real possibilities and within the context of the Organization. The sustainable use of natural resources will also be promoted, encouraging the efficient use of energy and reducing, as far as possible, the use of raw materials.

9 Identification, evaluation and control of risks:

emissions derived from our activities, ensuring compliance with regulations and customer requirements by integrating preventive activities in the hierarchical line and in the totality of decisions and processes. We will actively combat occupational accidents and investigate all incidents that could result in personal injury or property damage. This information will be used to enrich the actions that will enable the reduction of incidents and the continuous improvement of working conditions, a strong commitment to the prevention of harm and health deterioration of the Organization's personnel and the elimination of hazards and the reduction of risks, and the development of effective safety and health management for all workers, thus achieving a safe working environment.

To improve our overall performance, we will require suppliers and contractors to comply with current legislation on Occupational Risk Prevention, and we will promote a culture of occupational risk prevention at all levels.


The specific principles of our Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety policy are:

10.To maintain a fluid communication with our clients as a first step to provide an efficient service fully adapted to their needs.

11. To make known the usefulness of bolted metal water storage tanks in their different uses, due to their faster assembly system, lower economic cost, lower maintenance and many other qualities that differentiate them from other types of water storage tanks.

12. To provide our services at indistinctly in any part of the Spanish geography, and in any of its autonomous communities. To provide our services anywhere in the world, regardless of continent or nation.



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Certification: Spanish

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